All About Babies


All About Babies

All About Babies supports parents through workshops and courses based on up-to-date, trusted information and guidance in North-West London & Hertfordshire.

As a mum I know first hand how rewarding, tiring, exciting and utterly confusing life with a baby can be. Finding the time to cut through the cloud of conflicting advice seems impossible. Our antenatal and postnatal workshops aim to do the hard work for you. We give clear unbiased advice based on research from trusted sources. At Allaboutbabies we believe that a confident and supported parent = a happy and calm baby.



14 thoughts on “All About Babies

  1. I would like to find out about weaning. If you have any other mothers that I could join up with for a group.

  2. Hiya, I have a three month old who on the whole is good as gold. She can self settle during naps but I have trouble getting her to sleep at about 7pm for the night. Is this somethings. You can help with and how many sessions do you think I would need pls?

  3. I wanted to leave a note to a huge thank you to Vikki for all her expert advice and support in getting rid of my daughters dummy.

    I was at my wits end having to get up 10 times a night to put the dummy back in, she took time to understand the situation and dynamics and the. created a plan that worked!! The first night was the hardest but having the support and a clear plan made it possible.

    I would totally recommend if your need help, support and reassurance to do it.

    Thanks again

  4. Hello my 14 month old boy wakes up every night at 1:30am and starts crying. He eventually ends up in our bed and when we try to put him back in his cot he wakes up and crys…can u help?

  5. Hello, I have a 7 week old son who does not like sleeping in his mosses basket or beside cot. He does sometimes sleep in it if I let him sleep on me or hubby for half hour before and then put him in but he does sometimes wake up. Any help would be grateful

  6. Hi.
    I have a 3 month old son who will not sleep in his crib. He will sleep for hours if I am holding him but as soon as i put him in the crib he starts to cry. He also will only nap during the day if I am holding him.
    Can you give me some advice?

  7. I’d like to say a huge thank you to vikki for all her help and support. My 2 year old daughter had a terrible sleep routine following months of illness. She refused to sleep in her room, waking several times a night for feeds and wouldn’t fall asleep until 10-11pm at night. Vikki created and in-depth plan for us which was gentle and slow enough for my daughter to cope with and within 6 weeks she is now sleeping all night in her own bed from 8pm until 6am, with no feeds and only the occasional wake up. My daughter is happier and healthier now she is getting the sleep she needs, and so are we! Thank you Vikki x

  8. I would like to say thank you so much to Vikki who has helped me get my 9mo daughter, who had been waking frequently throughout the night, now sleeping 12 hours until morning. It’s hard to believe we achieved this in only two weeks! Vikki has been so lovely and provided us with a great plan as well as support and advice which gave me the confidence I needed to get my baby into better habits and routine. Can’t thank you enough! Xxx

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