Choosing a Highchair – Top Tips


Use our handy checklist to ensure you pick the right highchair for your little one.

1. Consider your space
Make sure your highchair fits easily at your table. Including your baby in family meals is important – remember, babies learn by modelling our behaviour. For smaller spaces, consider a fold-away highchair.

2. Easy-clean is a must!
Avoid (like the plague) highchairs with lots of straps and padding – weaning is a messy business. 

3. Pick comfort over style
Sleek, minimal highchairs without footrests are popular with parents, but without somewhere to put their feet, babies spend time and energy trying to balance, which can impact on the motor skills necessary for self-feeding.

4. Check it’s safe
Check your chosen highchair conforms to British safety standards. It should have straps or another mechanism to keep your little one secure.

5. Get a booster
travel highchair is a great option for sociable parents. Keep one in your changing bag or the boot of your car.  

For further advice, check out our Weaning Workshop. We also recommend Worry-Free Weaning, an incredible book for anyone about to embark on weaning.

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