Bedtime Routine: The Key to a Good Nights Sleep?


Bedtime Routine

Many of us underestimate the impact a good bedtime routine can have on helping our little ones get a restful night’s sleep. The best bedtime routines help a child to prepare both mentally and physically for sleep. Check out our top tips. 

  1. Time it right. Overtired children will not only struggle to fall asleep, but will often wake up more frequently during the night (and early in the morning, too).

  2. Make it dark. From the moment you start preparing the bath, ensure that lights are dimly lit (invest in some dimmer switches). Darkness helps the body produce melatonin – the sleepy hormone.

  3. Keep it boring! Help your child to unwind by keeping bath and bedtime activities calm and unstimulating.

  4. Shorten bathtime. A nice warm bath helps the body produce those lovely sleepy hormones. But don’t leave your little one in too long –  5-10 minutes max.

  5. Localise it! From the moment you start your bedtime routine you should stick to the bathroom and your child’s room only. Don’t re-enter any living/playing spaces.

  6. Finish with your child awake in their cot/bed. A child who falls asleep in their cot will sleep better at night. Help your child go to bed drowsy but awake. Imagine a scale of 1-10 with 1 = wide awake baby and 10 = fast asleep baby, aim to put your little one into their cot at a 7/8.

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