Tips for Surviving the Dreaded Clock Change!


On 28th October, the clocks will go back 1 hour as daylight saving time ends. It’s amazing how much just a one-hour change to our daily schedule can fill a parent with dread! Your precious little one, who has been waking between 6-7am will now potentially be starting their day at 5-6am – far too early for most of us. Sadly your little one’s internal body clock won’t change automatically when the household clocks do! Most babies/children will just adjust naturally to the time change after a day or two however, if you want to prepare them in advance, and avoid losing an hour of precious sleep you can follow these simple steps! 

  • Begin a week before the clocks change.

  • Move your little one’s schedule later by 10 minutes each day.

  • Start with bedtime, shift this 10 minutes later on night one.

  • If your little one wakes up at their usual time the following morning (which is very likely) keep things as if it’s still night-time until 10 minutes later than you would normally start your day. Do this by either staying with and settling your little one in their cot if they are upset, or leaving them alone if they are happy.

  • When it gets to your ‘new morning time’ use your nice loud morning voice to announce “good morning”. Turn on all the lights and open up the curtains.

  • Mealtimes, milk feeds, meals and daytime naps should all be shifted 10 minutes later, too.

  • If you can, expose them to some natural light in the early afternoon. Go for a walk, play in the park etc.

  • Don’t forget the importance of a good bedtime routine, this can really help when adjusting a body clock – you can check out our guide to the best bedtime routine here.

  • Continue as above for the following week, shifting your whole routine a further 10 minutes later each day until you have moved your little one’s routine forward by one hour.

  • For older children: Remember, going to bed 30-60mins later the night before the clock change won’t necessarily mean a later wake up! Change any clocks the night before, and explain what’s happening and have a reward ready and waiting if they wait until the sun on their clock/correct time, or until you go in to get them.

  • If you would like any support with a sleep problem please feel free to email or see our Sleep Support Packages