Spring Foward: Tips for the Clock Change

spring forward 1

Argh – the dreaded clock change! But this time around don’t panic! Generally babies & children find the transition when the clocks go forward easier to cope with than when they go back and it rarely takes more than a week for little ones to adjust. Plus, if you have an ‘early riser’ the clock change can actually help move things in the right direction!

Here are some tips should you wish to make the transition a little easier.

  • There is no need to gradually shift your routine in advance of this clock change if you don’t want to, instead you can readjust things slightly over the week that follows.

  • If you are concerned that your child won’t transition well, you can shift your routine later by 15 minuets every 3 days, starting 12 days in advance of the clock change.

  • On the first day of the clock change, Sunday 30th March 2019, plan activities to help tire your little one out! Lots of fresh air! Your child may not naturally be tired and ready for bed at their new bedtime as it may feel too early. Help them to relax and prepare for bed by ensuring a relaxed and calm bedtime routine.

  • It will be brighter outside now at bedtime, shut the curtains and turn down the lights. Darkness is a visual cue that helps us to produce all those lovely sleepy hormones.

  • Meet them in the middle. Your little one has lost an hour of their day – you can start by shifting their whole routine by 30 minuets later on day one and two. So if their normal bedtime is 7pm then their new bedtime will be 7.30pm (6.30pm to them). Move this on by another 15 minuets every two days until you are back on normal time. You can do the same with naps. 

  • If you don’t already, ensure that you open up the curtains in your child’s room first thing in the morning to signify that it’s morning. Our internal body clocks are set by light and dark so exposure to natural light at an appropriate morning time will help re-set this.

  • For older children you can try explaining the clock change, if they use sleep training clocks shift these to their new morning time too.

  • Mornings will start to creep lighter now – invest in some good blackout blinds to avoid early rising. I highly recommend the Easy Blind.

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