All About Sleeping

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All About Sleeping

Sleep Shaping Workshop

This unique sleep workshop can take place in the comfort of your own home. Particularly popular with antenatal groups, we work around you, to find a time and a venue that best suits. Ideally suited for parents of babies aged 3months-6 months, this workshop will help you set your little one on the right track for a good nights sleep.

During this 90min workshop you will learn:

  • The three foundations to a better nights sleep
  • Your babies natural sleep cycles
  • How to identify your babies natural awake window
  • How much sleep your baby needs & the best time for naps
  • How to gently develop independent sleep associations
  • How to tackle common sleep problems
  • How to create the ideal bedtime routine
  • How to recognise and manage sleep regressions
  • How to develop the best routine for your baby

Group workshops: £25 per person (minimum 4 people)

This workshop is also available one-2-one. As well as the above you will also receive 4 follow-up emails so you can ask questions as you move forward with implementing the techniques we discuss.

One-2-One Home Workshop: £150 (available to those living within 10miles of WD6)

Telephone/Skype Workshop: £110

If you would like a group workshop but aren’t able to arrange a group please contact us and we can help arrange one. Please be aware prices may vary depending on location.

Click here for a list of all our private sleep consultancy packages.

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