All About Us


All About Us

Meet Victoria Rose

I’m a mum to two beautiful girls. After I had my first daughter I felt frustrated and confused by the lack of clear, consistent advice from the health care professionals around me – it seemed everyone had a different opinion on what was right for my daughter!

After I had my youngest daughter I decided that I wanted to help ensure that other parents felt more prepared and confident for life with their newborns. I am a Registered Baby Rocks Mentor and proud to teach my antenatal courses in association with BRA.

I also have a keen interest in child nutrition and developed my All About Weaning Workshops in consultation with a the professionals at Yummy Discoveries, to ensure the advice my mums receive is up-to-date and trusted.

I trained as a Sleep Consultant with the Naturally Nurturing Sleep Clinic, receiving their national accredited award and more recently received a Distinction in my Level 3 Maternity Nurse (non-medical) training with HATA.



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