All About Antenatal


All About Antenatal

Our Antenatal Course, in association with Mamaserene prepares first time expectant parents with up-to-date and trusted information. Not only for birth, but for life with your newborn too. Our course is practical, fun and enables you to feel confident, supported and excited about the birth and becoming parents.

Meet Your Teachers:

Birth Preparation led by Dani Diosi

Dani Diosi – DipHe, DypHyp LHS is a highly qualified & experienced Antenatal & Childbirth Educator, Hypnotherapist and Doula.  She originally taught for the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and utilized her own experience as a mother to twins to specialize in multiple birth classes. She subsequently qualified in Natal Hypnotherapy in 2008 and was one of the founding practitioners teaching Natal Hypnotherapy Hypnobirthing Classes at The Chelsea and Westminster hospital. As a Doula, Dani supports labouring women on a regular basis at a variety of different hospitals.

New-born Baby Care led by Victoria Rose

Victoria is a highly qualified and experience post-natal practitioner. She was inspired to set up Allaboutbabies following her own experience  as a first time mum. She is a registered Baby Rocks Mentor, accredited Sleep Consultant and Level 3 trained Maternity Nurse.

Course Content:

Session One

  • What happens in labour and how it progresses.
  • Birth Partner tips such as how to support and how to get a good indication of where she is in labour without relying on cervical dilation
  • Hormones of labour
  • How to ask questions and make informed decisions

Session Two

  • Initial baby care following the birth
  • New-born appearance and what to expect in the first few weeks
  • Crying solutions
  • Sleep solutions
  • Safe Sleep Advice
  • Baby development, attachment and bonding

Session Three

  • Induction
  • Pain management options
  • Caesarean sections – what to expect

Session Four 

  • Breastfeeding, led by Wendy Lever (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant)
  • Bottle feeding, steralising and how to safely make up formula
  • Signs feeding is going well
  • What’s in a nappy and nappy changing practical

Session Five

  • The Biggest Tool in the box – breathing exercises
  • Contraction patterns and long latent phases, what to do to help
  • Birth preferences, why they are important and how to write one that suits you and your choices
  • Birth Environment and its importance
  • Massage

Session Six

  • New-born bathing, dressing & product advice
  • Postnatal care
  • Relationship changes

Location: Borehamwood, Herts & Finchley, NW London 

Cost: £250

Dates: Please contact us for all course dates.

Additional information: Participants will each receive discounts on Mamaserene’s Hypnosis for Birth course.

The balance between medical, practical & emotional support was great. It was always a very open forum and I never felt judged.


I have ended the course feeling more confident and 200% more knowledgeable.


A brilliant course – this was about so much more than “just making friends” I made wonderful friends who I am excited to share my journey with & I feel more confident & prepared. Dani & Vikki are wonderfully supportive and I would recommend this course to everyone.