15 Minute Meals by My Little Kitchen


Amy Kay, founder of My Little Kitchen shares 3 of her favourite 15min meals. My Little Kitchen provide fresh organic children’s food straight to your door. They have a whole host of delicious recipes. Check them out.

Roast Dinner Croquettes

This is a great dish for leftovers and is especially good for vegetable shy children! I often make on a Saturday for lunch and get my toddler to help make the croquettes. 


  • 75g Cooked veg (I usually use broccoli or peas but you can use anything)

  • 110g Cooked Mashed Potato (roast potatoes that have gone soggy overnight in the fridge work fine for this, just stick in food blender to mash)

  • 25g Grated cheese (cheddar is fine) Optional

  • 60g Cooked Turkey (chicken also works)

  • 40g Breadcrumbs

  • 2 Small Eggs

  • Sunflower Oil for Frying

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Dummies: The Good, The Bad & The Helpful

dummies 2
Dummies seem to be one baby item which divides the nation – love them or hate them, here is our guide to using and loosing your baby’s pacifier.


According to the Lullaby Trust, there is some evidence to suggest that dummy use can reduce the risk of SIDS. In addition, there has been significant research to show that sucking can actually help with pain relief. Anecdotally sucking on a dummy may help with pain management for babies with reflux and there are also known benefits for premature babies, where dummies can be used to develop their suck reflex while they are unable to orally feed. Some babies are “suckie babies” – sucking on a dummy calms and relaxes them and can even help them drift off to sleep.

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