How to develop the best routine for YOUR baby.


Sadly, babies aren’t born with user manuals – how simple life would be if they were! Many parents (myself included) struggle with the unpredictability of babies and aim to set up a routine and structure to their day. For many babies this can be a really positive change. Babies often thrive on routine and parents can find that once a routine is established, their babies nap better, settle better and improve their night-time sleeping. Continue reading

The Myth of “Normal” Baby Sleep Patterns


On meeting a new baby for the first time, one of the most common questions asked to new parents is: “Are they good? Do they sleep?” My response to this question would be: “Yes, of course she is good, she’s a baby.” And: “No, of course she doesn’t sleep, she’s a baby!”

Sadly, I fear that the frequency of these questions has caused parents today to equate good parenting with babies who sleep. As a sleep consultant I am constantly faced with parents feeling insecure about their abilities. Statements such as: “I know I have broken her” and “I know it’s my fault he doesn’t sleep well” make me really sad.

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Wind-Down Time : The Key To Successful Naps

renderedWe all know that feeling – when you come home from a night out or a work event and you are really shattered but your brain just won’t switch off. Most of us would find it impossible to go straight to bed and sleep. We need to unwind first, to calm our active brains. Our babies need this time too.

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Overtiredness – A Parent’s Guide


Is My Baby Overtired?

Many parents ask me: “Why is overtiredness a problem? Surely the more tired my baby is, the longer they will sleep, right?”. Wrong! Lots of parents will keep their babies up later and drop or reduce day-time naps in a bid to improve night-time sleeping, when in reality an overtired baby can actually wake up more frequently at night, take shorter naps and wake up earlier in the morning too. 

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Day Time Naps – FAQs


As a Sleep Consultant I work with lots of clients who panic over daytime naps. Parents are often stressed and anxious that a bad night is on the cards if naps don’t go to plan. Here are some FAQ’s I receive about day time naps as well as my answers.

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The 4 Month Sleep Regression – What, Why & How

Sleep Regression

What is the “4 Month Sleep Regression?”

The first thing to understand about the “4 Month Sleep Regression” is that it’s not actually a regression at all. In fact, it’s a very positive step forward and marks a major developmental milestone. As your baby’s brain matures, so does your little one’s sleep cycles, and they develop into cycles much closer to adults.

However, you might not be jumping for joy as this change often causes more frequent night waking and shorter daytime naps too. This period of change can last anywhere from a few days to six weeks.

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