Is Your Sleep-Training Clock Actually Making your Child’s Sleep Worse?

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Sleep-training clocks have become somewhat of a staple item in most toddler and pre-schooler bedrooms, and I can see why ­– they aim to teach your child to stay in bed until the sun comes up. However, while this clock works wonders for some children, for others it could actually be making their sleep worse, and here’s why.

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Overtiredness – A Parent’s Guide


Is My Baby Overtired?

Many parents ask me: “Why is overtiredness a problem? Surely the more tired my baby is, the longer they will sleep, right?”. Wrong! Lots of parents will keep their babies up later and drop or reduce day-time naps in a bid to improve night-time sleeping, when in reality an overtired baby can actually wake up more frequently at night, take shorter naps and wake up earlier in the morning too. 

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