15 Minute Meals by My Little Kitchen


Amy Kay, founder of My Little Kitchen shares 3 of her favourite 15min meals. My Little Kitchen provide fresh organic children’s food straight to your door. They have a whole host of delicious recipes. Check them out.

Roast Dinner Croquettes

This is a great dish for leftovers and is especially good for vegetable shy children! I often make on a Saturday for lunch and get my toddler to help make the croquettes. 


  • 75g Cooked veg (I usually use broccoli or peas but you can use anything)

  • 110g Cooked Mashed Potato (roast potatoes that have gone soggy overnight in the fridge work fine for this, just stick in food blender to mash)

  • 25g Grated cheese (cheddar is fine) Optional

  • 60g Cooked Turkey (chicken also works)

  • 40g Breadcrumbs

  • 2 Small Eggs

  • Sunflower Oil for Frying

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