Confessions of a Sleep Consultant Whose Child Isn’t Sleeping!


If I had a pound for every time a friend or a client said, “oh your children must be amazing sleepers,” I would be a very rich lady! The truth is that ALL children will go through bouts of sleep problems, and mine have been no exception. In fact, when I was in the process of completing my sleep consultancy training my second child Poppy went through a sleep regression phase that left me sleeping huddled under a blanket on her floor – something I had sworn in the past I would NEVER EVER do!  Continue reading “Confessions of a Sleep Consultant Whose Child Isn’t Sleeping!”

Separation Anxiety: What, Why & How?

Separation Anxiety1

What is Separation Anxiety?

Has your little one suddenly become more clingy? Do they cry every time you leave the room? Are they struggling to go down for day time naps, wanting more cuddles during the night and generally upset unless you are right there with them? If the answer is yes then it’s likely your little angel is experiencing separation anxiety.

This can be quite a shock for parents, especially if your little one was previously self-settling well and sleeping well at night. As challenging as this phase can be, it is actually a good sign; it indicates that your baby is forming strong, healthy attachments to you and it’s a normal stage of development.

Continue reading “Separation Anxiety: What, Why & How?”