The 4 Month Sleep Regression

What is the “4 Month Sleep Regression?”

This term refers to a common phase in a baby’s life, somewhere between 3-5 months, when their sleep becomes very disturbed. The first thing to understand about the “4 Month Sleep Regression” is that it’s not actually a regression at all. In fact, it’s a very positive step forward and marks major developmental milestones. However, you might not be jumping for joy as this change often causes more frequent night waking and shorter daytime naps too.

Why does this happen?

Actually, there are a number of factors which can contribute to this “regression”. Firstly, they are growing so many babies will start waking up for food more frequently than before. Secondly, they are developing, many babies start to roll around 4 months and find themselves stuck on their tummies and not able to get back on their backs. Thirdly, many start teething around this age and can begin waking more frequently due to pain and discomfort.

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