Expectant Parents Package


New Parents Package

At Allaboutbabies we are aware of how overwhelming life with a newborn can be. Our unique New Parents Package aims to support first time parents in the comfort of their own home. Our package includes the following:

Practical Parenting Workshop (3rd trimester)

This 4hr workshop will provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed to empower you as new parents.  Topics include:

  • practical babycare (holding, bathing, nappy changing etc)
  • feeding (breast & bottle)
  • postnatal care
  • relationships
  • sleep (yours and baby’s)

Baby/Child First Aid (3rd trimester)

This essential 2.5hr workshop facilitated by Parent Partner will prepare you in the event of an emergency situation involving your baby or child. The training covers primary assessment, resuscitation, recovery position, choking, meningitis, fever, febrile convulsions, bleeding and burns.

Sleep Shaping Consultation (0-4 months)

During this 2hr consultation, we will provide you with the knowledge and tools to help set your baby up with great sleep habits. We will advise you on schedules, sleep patterns and help you teach your little one the skills of self-settling.

Weaning Consultation (4-6 months)

During this 2hr consultation, we will provide a step by step introduction to weaning including when and how to start, foods to avoid, weaning essentials and how to prevent fussy eating.

In addition to the private workshops above you will receive email support for the first 6 months and additional visits can be arranged.

Price: £365

vikki@allaboutbabies.org.uk or call 07813 660 916 for more information.

Alllaboutbabies also offer antenatal courses including birth preparation.