Sleep Support Packages

Troubleshooting Calls

Our troubleshooting call are great for those with “out of the blue” sleep problems, specific questions or those seeking some general guidance on their child’s sleep or routine. Following the call you will receive an email highlighting the techniques/routine changes which were discussed.

30 minutes: £50
60 minutes: £85

Follow-up Support: £50 for an additional 5 support emails

Sleep Support Plan ( 2 weeks )

Our 2 Week Sleep Support Plan (suitable from 6 months – 2 years) is ideal for babies who have long-term sleep problems or are looking for begin teaching self-settling skills. Many parents find the unlimited emails/text support invaluable in helping them stay on track and achieve their goals.

  • 48 hr sleep/food diary analysis
  • 60-90 min telephone consultation
  • Detailed step by step support plan sent via email
  • 2 weeks of unlimited email/text support
  • 3 15 minutes check-in phone calls during the 2-week support period
  • Price: £300

Please note, some sleep problems can take longer than 2 weeks to resolve should you wish to extend your support this is charged at £60 per week. 

Sleep Support Plan (12 months support)

Our 12 Month Support Plan (suitable from 3 months) provides a continuity of support to help you not only achieve your initial goals but stay on track and navigate through sleep regressions and routine changes as your baby grows.

  • 48 hr sleep/food diary analysis
  • 60 minute telephone consultation
  • Detailed step by step support plan sent via email

Six 30 min phone calls: These phone calls can be used anytime within 12 months from your home visit for troubleshooting sleep issues.

Unlimited Email Support for 12 months.

Price: £650

Sleep Shaping Session (suitable from 10 weeks – 6 months)

During this 90 minute consultation I will help you set your little one on the right track for a good nights sleep by provide you with all the knowledge, tools and techniques to ensure you are creating positive sleep habits and gently teaching your little one the skills they need to be the best sleeper they can be.

During our time together you will learn:

  • The three foundations to a better nights sleep
  • How to identify your babies natural awake window
  • How much sleep your baby needs & the best time for naps
  • How to gently develop independent sleep associations
  • How to tackle common sleep problems
  • How to create the ideal bedtime routine
  • How to recognise and manage sleep regressions
  • How to develop the best routine for your baby

You will also receive 5 follow-up emails so you can ask questions as you move forward with implementing the techniques we discuss.

Home Visit: £150 (to those living within 10 miles of WD6)
Online Virtual Visit: £110

Our Sleep Shaping Session is also available to groups of 4 or more at £25 per person but does not include follow emails.

Online Sleep Clinic

  • Our popular Sleep Shaping Session via online video
  • Sleep training techniques sent via email
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions
  • Live Q & A half-way through the week to check on progress
  • Price: £50

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After just a few days of implementing Vikki’s plan, my baby has been sleeping so much better. Just changing a few things has made such a big difference and was a huge relief that I didn’t have to leave my baby to cry. At 6 months my daughter had still not slept through the night once and day naps only lasted 30 mins at best! I was a crazy, sleep deprived loon in need of help!


I called Vikki and she came to our home and listened patiently as I described our day to day routine. She was extremely kind and understanding and I felt completely at ease to be honest and open about our bad habits! Together we set the goals for Mia and the next day I received the plan which would help us achieve them.

A couple of weeks later our lives had completely changed! Following Vikki’s plan and having her constant support whilst implementing it, Mia began to sleep through the night and day naps improved whether out and about or in her cot at home. Thank you so much Vikki! You have helped us so much, Mia sleeps and my husband says I’m much less scary! We couldn’t have done it without you.


Vikki’s support and guidance really transformed our lives. We cannot thank her enough for her patience and genuine approach. We contacted Vikki after a year of very little sleep and just before my wife was about to go back to work and knew that things had to change. Vikki managed to achieve our priorities within the tight timeframe we set and provided a gentle but pragmatic approach with constant reassurance and encouragement. If you don’t want to leave your loved one to cry it out then Vikki is the ideal consultant who can lead you through sleep plans with gentle sleep tactics being careful to go at your pace. Vikki remained calm and positive throughout even when we were exhausted, emotional and negative.

Vikki was even able to help provide guidance for all the caregivers involved so that we all worked together to meet our aims. She listened to our worries and concerns throughout and built plans which we were comfortable with. We can’t thank Vikki enough for the kindness and understanding she has shown us. She offers a great deal of practical advice to any parent and we are extremely pleased we got in touch.